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Kenya’s election farce.

I suppose the idea of getting Mr.Gordon Brown on the ‘phone to both Kibaki, the man who seized power in Kenya and Odinga the main opposition leader was predictable. Mr. Brown’s advisors in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office do not like disruption in the normal manner of things, for these mandarins with comfortable lives really don’t like their teas being delayed due to minor difficulties in Kenya. It would be a dreadful betrayal of all that has been said on good governance in Africa for Mr. Brown to attempt to act as an negotiator in Kenya. Mr. Kibaki and Mr. Odinga are not on equal terms. Mr. Kibaki has seized power by illegal methods – by fixing the election result. The UK cannot accept the result of this election farce. There has been a complete lack of transparency in the counting of the votes. The way forward may be through a fresh internationally supervised election not by doing deals and cheating Kenya’s citizens. 

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