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Mshini Wami?

The above Zulu words mean “Bring me my machine gun” the favoured song of Jacob Zuma. Zuma like Mugabe lives under the illusion he is still involved in the liberation war!

Zuma has been elected the new ANC leader and very likely he will in time be the president of South Africa. He has rather extreme views and his fascination for his favourite song is likely to send chills down backs.

Will it mean another country going down the pan? As yet it is too early to speculate, we sincerely hope Zuma will clarify his intentions on whether he will continue to build on the progress gained already, and maintain at least existing economic, social and democratic structures or if he will take the Zimbabwe path to ruin? We already know he may well be involved in corruption.

Frankly, given the evidence he could be far worse than Mugabe!

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