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Zenophobia in English football.

It was pathetic to see some media hacks; especially the scribblers at The Sun who felt the England Manager’s post should have gone to an Englishman. Fact is, it is rather difficult to find a suitable person; Steve McClarren was good but he was undermined by sniping and lack of support. The selection of Fabio Capello for England Manager is probably a good move, he is bringing hs own management team and why not? Frankly, it is the most difficult job in the country since there are some 60 million+ other England football managers and the players are more concerned with their own image than the game. We wish him well and we are sure he is the right man for the job.

On a more positive note: it was good to see the support Watford football club , the hornets, supporters gave to Al Bangura who is fighting deportation to Sierra Leone, having lost his case at an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal hearing; the decision to deport him is unjust; he is a good role model for youth and he has played a constructive role in football, we hope he will succeed in overturning the decision made against him. He has a lot of support, including the local MP, Claire Ward and there is good reason to hope that Home Office officials will be persuaded to drop their plans for deportation.

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