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Returning to the bad old days.

The sudden decision to impose an unfair pay settlement for the Police indicates a return to the the bad old days – those of pay freeezes, incomes policies: such policies as these were followed by the Wilson & Callaghan governments – they failed. Government interference in collective bargaining is always a failure. It focuses on public sector pay as this is the only sector the government can control, private sector pay will continue as before through collective bargaining and pay agreements ratified by trade union members.

One sure way to guarantee industrial unrest – strikes – is to impose an incomes policy. Whilst it’s true inflation is a problem it is best to educate people on the risks of inflation. Besides, how can people accept the need for pay restraint when £20 billions+ disappears into the Northern Rock cess pit and businesses get favourable terms in regard to tax and a Labour Party is quite happy to accept monies in donations/loans from businesses.

Consider the impact of rampant increases we have seen in: gas, electricity, fuel, food prices, interest rate increases and the impact on mortgages. This new incomes policy may be the one issue that will severely test our membership of the Labour Party.

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