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EU Summit of Fools.

The EU leaders at the EU-African Union Summit are the fools – there is much praise for the trade pact but a number of African leaders have concerns that the treaty is unfair – so much then for a Summit of Equals! The tragedy of this Summit, which has been long awaited is simply how the EU leaders, though not all, have fallen for the belief you can have dialogue with fascist dictators like Mugabe. Though no evidence of any dialogue is forthcoming; if European leaders want dialogue with Zimbabwe, why not invite the opposition to attend?

Ignoring the Zimbabwean opposition representatives and choosing dialogue with a brutal thug like Mugabe is rather daft. Mugabe knows how to charm, his dialogues tend to be lectures, simply that, there is no way you can talk Mugabe into good governance, his ideology has no room for good governance If this conference had taken place excluding Mugabe it might have been welcome.

You cannot allow African leaders such as Mbeki threatening the EU over Zimbabwe. Mbeki is a problem, he is supporting Mugabe, Mbeki is not sincere, then again no one in the South African ANC government is sincere. It is sad that this tragedy of the Summit of Equals will go down as a failure, due to the vanity of some European leaders who know nothing of the problems the people of Zimbabwe face and think they can solve them by having tea and cakes with Mugabe.

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