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European Union Betrays Zimbabwe.

This weekend EU leaders will be prepared to shake hands with the ruthless, dictator of Zimbabwe at the EU-African Union Summit. Jose Manual Barroso, has according to media reports lectured Gordon Brown in regard to the wisdom of boycotting the Summit due to Mugabe’s appearance. The decision of EU leaders to cave in to AU demands to include Zimbabwe is a gross betrayal of the people of that country.

EU leaders need to learn you cannot negotiate with a man who rigs elections to stay in power, Mugabe is a fraud. Mrs Gladys Mugabe along with other wives and girlfriends of Mugabe’s delegation will be shopping in Lisbon whilst at home millions starve. It would have been wiser for the EU to meet opposition leaders and toughen sanctions against the regime.

For EU leaders human rights in Zimbabwe are no priority. The fact is though, after all this time Barroso and other EU leaders have no idea what is going on in Zimbabwe or they simply do not care. We want to see effective, meaningful EU sanctions against Mugabe and his ministers and Zanu PF officials and their closest relatives. The AU leaders need to be reminded of NEPAD requirements, good government and human rights they must stop supporting African dictators and promote democracy.

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