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Financing Democracy.

We think most Labour Party members including ourselves have been very concerned with regard to financing and we have seen enough media stories in relation to loans or cash for honours and large donations. We know there is a real problem here. We are concerned with monies donated by big business and with trade unions. The Labour leadership have been far to happy to snuggle up to big business donators and this compromises basic policy. The trade unions are a problem as they often intervene at Labour party “conferences” to ensure certain motions are killed off and we would rather see the trade union link broken. Maybe the route is for public financing, this we fear may not be popular, even though there is some already, so the case for paying political parties a fixed income from votes gained or seats in the House of Commons or local government bodies may be the only answer. All other donations being banned. Democracy needs vibrant, active and responsible political parties and public financing is the only way ahead.

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