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Tabloid scum journos draw blood.

So the English football team lose a match against Croatia, not because the Croatians were the better team but due to a poor coach! Today the tabloid hacks and others turn their hatred on to the FA bosses. The common held belief that there are deeper causes of the crisis in English  football are disregarded, the players’ spoilt, wealthy lifestyles are overlooked. Steve McClaren will clearly walk away with a handsome pay off but was he just the fall guy, frankly, he did the best with what he had, he should not be blamed. Tabloid scum journos have now taken a more nasty course in using ageism against the FA bosses, no doubt the FA bosses do have some responsibility in regard to the mess in English football but why do we always think difficult issues can be resolved by resignations and do tabloid scum journos really have to get so unpleasant? The Croatian team  clearly was the better team we have to accept that players have a responsibilty to do their best – but then it is only a game.

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