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Funding the Armed Forces.

The recent concerns expressed by former Armed Forces  chiefs deserve to be listened to with respect; they do have a point, it is normal for the cabinet post of Minister of Defence, Des Browne, to be solely that, Des Browne should not have responsibilites for Scotland and Defence, this concern needs to be addressed by the Prime Minister, who would be best advised to release Mr Browne from his Scottish post.  There is no doubt that the Armed Forces are over stretched, it may also be true that recruitment is not what it ought to be. If we wish our Armed Forces to engage overseas we should then ensure they are adequately provided for. Our Armed Forces personnel put their lives on the line and they should be provided with all the best equipment and their pay needs to be a satisfactory level. The Prime Minister has declared that the Armed Forces must compete with public services for money. we beg to disagree, Mr. Brown needs to rethink and make an effort to meet the demands of the Armed Forces.

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