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Huff and puff politics.

The Tories have entered a new phrase of huff and puff politics. Desparate to make a mountain out of a mole hill, Cameron and his team lock into a non event to join a Tory media chorus with immigration issues at the heart of their megaphone politics. A simple issue of non legal immigrants being given security jobs being the heart of the protest. The Home Office has already noted the issue and Minister Jacqui Smith is aware of the need to correct the error. A BBC News quote follows: “Mrs Smith said she had been interested in action rather than words over the situation.” The fact that it is the duty under legislation of security companies to check the immigration status of each employee appears to be ignored. If security companies are employing individuals who are not legal immigrants then they must deal with the situation. The silence from these security companies is deafening, not one security company has intervened in this Tory huff and puff, to put its case.

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