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Monbiot has lost his marbles.

This morning I heard this George Monbiot , this icon of the “left”, appealing on the BBC World Service programme “Business Daily” for an economic recession, yes recession, zero economic growth.  Now, no doubt he leads a comfortable life, no doubt he has reached a level of satisfaction in life that he feels he is isolated, so much so, that he in his little ivory tower, he can look down on us lesser mortals and wish upon us collectively an economic recession and zero economic growth. Frankly, this wish is utterly reactionary and backward, it is also an ignorant rant.  He imagines African countries will grow, economic growth will be good for them at a time, though he fails to enlighten us on this,  when the so called western countries will be wallowing in massive unemployment and poverty. Needless to say, in this new Monbiot paradise, international aid will be one of the first casualties, who will buy African produce? my God he knows little about Africa. Hopefully, fans of this pompous fool, George Monbiot, will discard him and his  sort into a dustbin. We suggest he should take residence in one of Robert Mugabe’s palaces in Harare the two of them have a lot in common.

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