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MDC leadership in Zimbabwe

This morning on the BBC Radio 4 flagship programme an interview took place between John Humphrys and two MDC leaders: Tendai Biti and David Coltart, this writer has a lot of respect for individual MDC leaders such as these who have experienced, like many, the hazards of political opposition in Zimbabwe, it takes courage to oppose the Mugabe – Zanu PF regime. But and it is a big but, why on earth do we still place faith in the leaders of the neighbouring states as these two still do,  why an earth when asked there is nothing the British government can do they repeat that Britain can do nothing it is up to African leaders.

There is massive suffering in Zimbabwe, it grows worse by the day, for God’s sake when will these opposition leaders wake up to the reality that the only way ahead is armed struggle and that should be launched now, only Zimbabweans can change the political situation and Great Britain can do much top assist it, as well as taking the issue to the Uniterd Nations to pressure the presidents of the countries bordering Zimbabwe.

Until the MDC leaders wake up to the reality that elections are a waste of time under Mugabe’s dictatorship; the people are doomed to constant suffering, hunger and terror. An armed struggle would give the average Zimbabwean something to hope for and contribute to.

  1. truth
    March 14, 2009 at 04:35

    MDC created the Zimbabwe’s problem and pushed for sanctions on zimbabwe to weaken Mugabe’s support to their advantage, now its their turn to feel the heat.These fools thought they where clever now their fony wisdom has caught up with them. How did they expect Mugabe to prosper zimbabwe with a bucket full of sanctions sitting on his head? Now they are in the same position they are asking EU to remove sanctions. why don’t they just solve the problem without removing the sanctions isn’t thats what they wanted Mugabe to do?

  2. Ah haa!
    March 14, 2009 at 04:48

    Neither America, Britain nor any European country can help Zimbabwe now, Europeans are facing big economic problems them selves. America owes over 1.7 trillion US dollars to China SINCE Bush was in war for 7 years. Obama is dancing to the heat and he can’t help MDC. Jobs tumble daily in Europe they can’t even think of zimbabwe. remember Tsvangirai saying … now let him solve the problem. Its good to criticize Mugabe when he is trying to keep the country breathing under these heavy sanctions,but when its your turn to dance, you will dance.

    Editor: Anything written in chi Shona will be removed.

  3. zebrambizi
    March 14, 2009 at 04:50

    You are wrong, you just repeat Mugabe’s lies. There are no sanctions concerning Zimbabwe, there has in fact been a tremendous amount of food aid and other aid sent to Zimbabwe by thr USA, Uk and EU. The sanctions imposed are on the dictator Mugabe and and the Zanu PF big chiefs and ministers. It is Zanu PF that has betrayed the people of Zimbabwe. Zanu PF is corrupt to the bone.

  4. zebrambizi
    March 14, 2009 at 04:56

    Yet another Mugabe clone. Mugabe is a liar and a crook and his regime is corrupt.

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