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It is clear that the privatized water and drainage industry has failed consumers, given the challenge that flooding is now causing perhaps the time has come to take water and drainage companies into public ownership.

Baroness Young of the Environment Agency has recently warfned consumers will foot the bill for flooding and flood protection policies, yes, we probably will, the water companies were supposed to spend £4.5 billion on modernizing infrastructure so far only £3.5 billion has been spent.

The water indstry has regularly imposed higher charges for consumers over the years and £2 billion in profits a year is in the light of their failures – obscene.

So the government should now consider that it’s time for these water corporate spivs to go and take water and drainage compabnies back into public ownership.

  1. B4L
    July 29, 2007 at 13:06

    None of those seem to be arguments in favour of nationalisation, and it’s been demonstrated time and time again that governments can’t run organisations effectively during the 99% of the time their failures don’t make the news. However boring it might be, it’s experts in the water industry we should be listening to.

  2. zebrambizi
    July 29, 2007 at 15:10

    You should bear in mind that the former nationalized bodies were not directly run by government and often included the senior managements of the companies nationalized. Agreed they were often badly managed, there were problems of under-investment. Agreed also there were employees who let down the ethos of public service.

    Listen to “experts in the water industry”? Are we missing something here? The fact is that the privatized water and sewerage industries have become a means for making billions from consumers.

    Important and efficient public utilities are essential to the general public and business, I am not satisfied that the present arrangement is better than that which existed before. The project for reconstructing our water infrastructure will demanding considerable expenditure and I for one am not confident that the privitized water industry is competent to manage such investment.

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