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Robert Mugabe = idiot…

Mugabe, the fascist dictator of Zimbabawe susposedly has an economics degree, so one would expect a little wisdom when it comes to Zimbabwe’s economy. Not so, having already destroyed Zimbabwe’s successful agricultural sector; enabled a high tax regime; created a large civil service; giving maximum pay rises to police, army and its secret service; he has now rushed into what only be described as sheer lunacy. His method of dealing with Zimbabwe’s 4000%+ inflation rate is to send police and thugs, mind you there is not much difference as these days police are thugs in uniform, to force retailers and businesses to reduce prices by 50%. So, this Mugabe the lunatic politician of the new century creates yet more misery and chaos for his long suffering people. Result – shops run out of food, employees laid off, managers and businessmen detained by the fascist police. The buffoon Mugabe is now threatening to nationalize businesses in Zimbabwe and add yet more suffering on his people.

We hear there are secret talks arranged my Mbeki in South Africa between Zanu PF and the MDC, we think we can safely forecast they will come to nothing: all gas and talk. For the MDC delegation it must really feel like watching paint dry except of course it won’t!

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